Specialty cellulose

Custom manufacturing to exacting customer specifications

A manufacturer of specialty cellulose from wood fiber for nearly 40 years now, Tembec stands as the world’s second leading producer overall, and the outright leader in selected markets.

We serve blue chip customers across four business lines

Tembec manufactures specialty cellulose across our four main business lines. We are the world’s leading supplier of specialty cellulose in cellulose ethers, nitrocellulose and microcrystalline cellulose (MCC), and have expanded our base in cellulose acetate, which has become our second largest business line.

The scope of our product offering, rooted in two manufacturing facilities with complementary sources of wood fiber, has given Tembec broad experience in creating solutions for a world of needs.

Specialty cellulose market 2015:
Product categories worldwide

Our industry has a promising future – as does our company

Each of our main business lines serves industries and customers with promising futures. Notably, we expect our main business line, cellulose ethers, to grow at twice the pace of the economy at large.

Tembec’s specialty cellulose manufacturing capacity stands at 310,000 metric tons annually. And we are committed to growing our business: A major green electricity investment in the 2012-15 period is making our Temiscaming facility more competitive.