Specialty cellulose

October 2014


President and CEO Jim Lopez talks about why Tembec is focusing on the specialty cellulose business, about the company’s investment program, and about adding even more value for customers.

Tartas report

After 18 months of construction, a new first-stage bleaching tower went on-line at Tartas in November 2013. Purpose-built for specialty cellulose production, the 32-meter-high tower (100 feet) is a major improvement offering significant benefits to customers, the environment and Tembec.

July 1, 2014 marked 20 years since Tembec acquired the Tartas facility, which then produced only commodity grade fluff pulp. Tartas has become a world-class specialty cellulose facility in terms of product quality, profitability and sustainability – a true biorefinery.

Temiscaming report

The construction phase of the game-changing project is now completed. Hydrostatic testing of the new liquor recovery boiler was completed in May, as scheduled. The boiler is housed in multiple buildings with a footprint of 45 by 110 meters (150 by 350 feet), and a height of 60 meters (200 feet), underlining the sheer scope of the commissioning project.

Good business is good for everyone, and the Temsicaming green energy project is a case in point.

Our Temiscaming facility has developed programs to improve our product offering in cellulose acetate and cellulose ethers. These are by far the two largest product categories in our industry, with market shares of roughly 50% and 25%, respectively.

Team report

To broaden and strengthen our Technical Services & Development team at Temiscaming, we have recently added new people in customer-facing positions and focused an experienced team member on product development. And our Business Development team has also added a key new player.