Specialty cellulose
Tartas, France

Sustainable manufacturing leaves nothing to waste

Our specialty cellulose production facilities – biorefineries – at Temisicaming, Canada, and Tartas, France are now truly sustainable operations due to a continuing series of major investments.

We use the whole tree

Specialty cellulose is processed from wood fiber – a renewable resource. We also convert residuals of the specialty cellulose manufacturing process into valuable co-products, getting full value from each tree:

  • Lignosulfonates derived from the pulping process are used to create a full line of products for the agricultural, construction and tire industries.
  • Tall oil soaps, derived from residual black liquor, are emulsifiers used in adhesives, asphalt and concrete.
  • Green electricity, generated by turbines driven by green steam from boilers fueled with either residual liquors, biomass (stumps, bark, shavings and sawdust) or wastewater sludge is sold to utilities. 

The green steam that drives our electrical turbines is also used in the drying phase of specialty cellulose production. All this reduces Tembec’s energy consumption and need for fossil fuels, acting on carbon and climate change. In brief, we use the whole tree.

Even our waste doesn’t go to waste

All this is not mandated by any government agency. It simply makes environmental and business sense, ensuring a better future for the world at large as well as our company.