Specialty cellulose

What the world is made of

Processed from wood fiber, Tembec’s specialty cellulose has almost infinite applications in sophisticated consumer and industrial products. Wherever you look, specialty cellulose is an essential part of our lives today.

This exciting growth industry is a core business for Tembec

The sheer versatility of specialty cellulose is tremendous. It can make your chocolate gelato creamier and help you swallow your vitamins. It heightens the glossiness of inks, lacquers, nail polishes and varnishes. It binds pharmaceuticals and enhances concrete.

Typical consumer applications

  • Binder and coating – it is essential in making pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.
  • Texturizer – it makes dairy products such as yogurt creamier.
  • Thickening agent – it makes cosmetic creams smoother and more luxurious.
  • Structural element – it is part of stylish eyeglass frames.

Typical industrial applications

  • Thinning agent – it is an essential component of oil drilling mud.
  • Spatter control – it makes paint, mortar and plaster easier to use.
  • Drying agent – it improves the performance of varnishes and lacquers.
  • Propellant – it is a component of low-smoke indoor fireworks.

Tembec’s production capabilities and technical expertise make us a reliable partner for our blue-chip customers in multi-billion dollar consumer and industrial markets – such as personal care, food products and energy – that are generally outgrowing the broad economy.