Specialty cellulose
Rooted in tomorrow

Tembec’s new $273 million green electricity facility at Temiscaming – the largest project in our industry in 15 years – is now generating power and will ensure the site’s future as a low-cost manufacturing operation.

Rooted in growth markets

Specialty cellulose is a component of everyday consumer products such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and packaged foods, as well as essential industrial products such as coatings, concrete and oil drilling mud. 

Rooted in a renewable resource

Specialty cellulose is processed from wood fiber at sustainable biorefineries, supplied by sustainable forest management operations that have earned third-party certification. 

Rooted in know-how

We developed a new grade with extremely high viscosity for cellulose ethers, drawing on the expertise of people across Tembec’s specialty cellulose group.


Tembec is a world leader in specialty cellulose

Specialty cellulose binds, strengthens, thickens, texturizes and generally improves a great many products in the pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foods, coatings, electronics, construction and energy industries. And we believe in total quality – adding value to our products through the depth and rigor of our service, R&D, and environmental commitment.


Sustainable biorefineries

We process fiber – a renewable resource – into co-products that include lignosulfonates and green electricity as well as specialty cellulose, and transform residuals from our production process into biogas energy used at our biorefineries.

Custom manufacturing

Custom manufacturing

We manufacture specialty cellulose to exacting specifications for customers worldwide, which produce cellulose ethers, cellulose acetate, nitrocellulose, and microcrystalline cellulose for a wide range of applications in consumer and industrial products.

Green energy

Green energy game-changer goes live

The new green electricity facility at Temiscaming began to generate power in January 2015, initiating a 25-year supply contract with Hydro-Québec that will generate steady revenues. The project will also enhance environmental performance, increase manufacturing efficiencies and expand production capacity – while reducing costs and improving profitability.